Awakening Arts is a movement

Around the world ‘troubadours of transformation’ are bringing forth a new renaissance of culture and consciousness. The Academy is at the forefront of this movement; a haven of high- vibration creative energy, a honeyed hive for artists of vision who will pollinate the future.

…a NEXUS for a renaissance

We use all modalities of the Arts as vehicles to uplift the human spirit and to awaken higher consciousness. Engaging the intrinsically healing power of creative process, we use the Arts as vehicles to transform hearts and minds. Through the alchemical power of creativity and inspirational art we awaken higher consciousness in the individual and in society.

The Academy of Art, Creativity & Consciousness

A studio classroom, a fine art gallery, a venue for performance, a gathering place for artists and visionaries, musicians, film-makers, dancers, poets & playwrights… a laboratory for exploration and collaboration. We have two centers; one near Portland Oregon and one near Assisi, Italy.

Transformative Arts

The Transformative Arts Method uses all modalities of the arts; painting, clay, collage, sculpture, dance, theater, music, poetry, writing, film, multi-media, etc. as vehicles for awakening dormant ‘whole brain’ capacities of noetic intelligence and soul intuition. Our Transformative Arts Certificate Program trains facilitators in the simple yet profound methods for awakening and uplifting consciousness through Creative Process.