Nehara Dance and acrobatics captured Nehara in Manhattan at age 4 and propelled her around the world a few times. Creating and performing continue to fuel her rocketship.
Glenn Glenn is an architect who has run away with the circus. He loves solving problems, creating art, and currently collaborates as an aerialist, acrobat, rigger, architect, percussionist and father.
Jacob Jacob lives in a forest ashram on a natural farm and enjoys building creative and practical things, and helping people understand their experience through the lens of yoga. He’s thrilled to collaborate with Dana and everyone in such an important and timely performance.
Aaron Aaron lives in a spiritual community of Kriya Yogis. His passion is to share Meditation and Yoga Philosophy in creative ways.
Samantha and Isis Samantha is a vibrational healer who uses her cello to channel music to help people heal and shift consciousness. This is her second project with Dana and she is excited to be part of a inspirational performance that is so close to her heart.Her daughter Isis is home educated and loves dancing, dragons, unicorns and potatoes.
Eve Eve is an artist and a maker, a lover of beauty and authenticity. She is a catalyst for creative self expression and her facilitation encourages a direct, intimate approach to the divine within and the subtle worlds’ realms. Swan is a Transpersonal Counsellor, a Systemic Constellator and a Game of Transformation guide.
Satya Satya weaves a multifaceted career in Yoga, Energy Alignment Therapy, Multifaith Ministry and Creativity into a diverse practice which includes a commitment to offering her skills as a facillitator at the Awakening Arts Academy. She is delighted to be part of Dana’s multi media production alongside those who will awaken the hearts of generations yet to come.
Aryavan Aryavan is a cinematographer and educator, for higher consciousness.
Ishani Ishani is a Kriya Yogi, Video Editor, Yoga Teacher, Artist, Mystic. She is always interested in joining projects that communicate high consciousness to the planet.
Kshama Kshama is an Education for Life teacher working in the field of consciousness in education. She lives in an intentional community in the Bay Area of California. Transformative arts have had a powerful impact on her life and work. She is honored to be part of this collaborative expression of ritual theater.
Ana Maria Ana Maria is a multi-creative artist, teacher and believer in the transformative power of artistic expression. She is grateful and excited to be part of Dana’s visionary multi media performance.
Rose Rose has been an Education for Life teacher in different Living Wisdom Schools for over 10 years. She also teaches yoga and meditation to children of adults. She is a performer, director and nature enthusiast.
Daniel Daniel is living and working in the Swiss mountains where he builds transformative steel instruments. He is enthusiastic to share his music and feels grateful to be part of the project.
Haze Hazemach began practicing Zen-influenced martial arts at 3 years old, and has long been drawn to their aesthetic and spiritual features. Hazemach spends his working hours teaching Karate, math, and English.
Shanti Shanti lives, studies, and works in the San Francisco Bay Area and is passionate about empowering youth through self-discovery and universal spirituality. She deeply values the power of creativity, which has been an integral part of her life, and is honored to be a part of Ancient Future.
Kabir Kabir MacDow has been involved in education for over forty years, beginning as one of the early developers of the international Education for Life system. In addition to teaching in the U.S., he has also taught in Austria, Italy, India and the UAE, where he helped to develop a Junior College for the Abu Dhabi government. Currently, Kabir is the founder and principal of the Living Wisdom High School of Palo Alto, California.
Aslaugh Aslaugh Færch Johnsen is leading Himmelbjerggården, an Inspirational center for sustainable development in Denmark. Transformative artist, therapist, social entrepreneur and community builder. “We need a spiritual and cultural transformation” and Ancient Future is leading the way ~ may it touch deep in the heart of humanity.