Ancient Future Ensemble

2 years of collaborative creative work:

Dana Andersen Vision generator, queen bee, director
Aslaugh Færch Johnsen Vision supporter, producer, dancer, crystal deva, onsite logistics
Nehara Kalev Clarifying creatrix, conceptual development, choreographer, dancer
Aryavan McSweeney Vision manifestor, multi-media, film
Ishani McSweeny Concretizing creatrix, multi-media, film
Glenn Easley Mapping wizard, Multi-media, musician, dancer

Joined by (in alphabetical order):

Aaron Resendiz Original soundtrack, composing original music, soundboard
Ana Maria Fociuc Dancer, costume manager
Anna Alexandrov Costume Designer
Angelika Schafer Original music for Ancient Future
Diana Koumrian Martial arts, voice (LWHS)
Eve Robyn Dancer, voice
Haze Hazemach Martial arts, voice (LWHS)
Isis Rowe Dancer, voice
Jacob Macleod Dancer, martial arts, voice, set assembly
Kshama Kellogg Dancer, voice, coordinator LWHS youth
Rachel Andersen Assistant director, musician, onsite logistics
Rose Atwell Mythic Heroine, musician, theatrical director
Samantha Rowe Cellist
Satya Staziker Dancer, crystal deva musician, voice, costume manager
Shanti Pollacek Dancer, crystal deva, voice, choreographer (LWHS)
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The Arts at GAiA Pavilion (Global Arts I am Awakening)
The GAiA Pavilion, just outside of Universal Hall, will host live music, kirtans, space for emergent collaborative creative expressions and ‘creativity stations’ for drawing and collage. Sponsored by Awakening Arts and the Findhorn Foundation.

Singing Ensemble

Dhuti, Anand, Kirtani, Miriam, Jacob, Rose,
Kshama, Shanti, Rachel, Aaron, Cora

A Big Thank You

To our funders and supporters—Aslaugh E. Færch Johnsen & The Flower of Life Foundation, the Living Wisdom High School, the Ananda Center of Palo Alto, Three Swallows Foundation, Marc and Marie Forsyth, and SO MANY other private donors!


We also offer special thanks the community and Foundation of Findhorn for being willing to go with us on this wild ride, Ananda Communities, Hunter Black, Daiva Glazzard, Aanadi Pacciarini, Nayaswami Asha Praver, Satyavati Quevedo, Miriam Rodgers & Beth Fox.

We could not have done this without you.