A New Font of Art

new-font-of-artAs she stepped into the newly refurbished United Coffee House in Connaught Place on a balmy March afternoon, Dana Lynne Andersen’s buoyant energy was palpable. Dressed in salwar kameez and chappals, looking very much the New Age artist that she is, she was evidently excited to be there. It was the prospect of discussing spiritual art which had persuaded her to take an afternoon off from her hectic preparations for her upcoming exhibition in Delhi’s India Habitat Centre. Being an amateur artist myself, I was also looking forward to an insightful conversation with a kindred spirit. I was not disappointed. As she showed me some of her beautiful paintings, I was struck by the effortless flow in form and harmony of colours. Although she is very eloquent herself, it is her paintings that speak the loudest, a riot of colours ecstatically unfolding on paper.

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